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The way you …

Create meaning and the
purpose of life
The LeaderThe HumanistThe InnovatorThe Harmony makerThe ResearcherThe EnthusiastThe Formmaker
Build character
and reputation
The CaptainThe Judge of characterThe Ideas personThe DesignerThe RationalistThe Flag bearerThe Systematist
Make yourself visible
and step forward
The Frontline fighterThe SamaritanThe MessengerThe MediatorThe AnalystThe ActivistThe Director
Develops knowledge
and expertise
The First mateThe HolistThe InventorThe UnifierThe DiagnosticianThe OptimistThe Coordinator
Reflect and
The FocaliserThe Team PlayerThe NetworkerThe CommunicatorThe TechnicianThe MotivatorThe Entrepreneur
Develop emotions
and relationships
The GuardianThe ProtectorThe ObserverThe ActorThe ObserverThe RomanticThe Aristocrat
Express feelings and
influence others
The RisktakerThe CaretakerThe MultitaskerThe RedeemerThe JudgeThe KnightThe Facilitator
Create resources
that become established
The RockThe Bon VivantThe PlannerThe DancerThe Work horseThe OptimizerThe Methodical Person
Acts and
The DynamoThe BuilderThe Business personThe PerformerThe CraftsmanThe EnthusiastThe Entrepreneur