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The way you …

Destroys character
and reputation
The Absolute RulerThe DeceiverThe BrooderThe NarcissistThe RobotThe FanaticThe Bureaucrat
Achieves prominence
by the wrong means
The SteamrollerThe SeducerThe Spin doctorThe PleaserThe Cantankerous personThe DemagogueThe Dictator
Vague and imbalanced
The AssThe AmbiguousThe RelativistThe ChameleonThe LonerThe SwarmThe Compulsive
Negative communicationThe HotheadThe FollowerThe SchemerThe Prima donnaThe CriticThe AgitatorThe Controller
Inhibits and distorts emotionsThe BunkerThe Security addictThe CynicThe YesmanThe HermitThe FoolThe Glutton
Generate negative emotionsThe RisktakerThe PessimistThe FugitiveThe ProvocateurThe HangmanThe ExtremistThe Neurotic Nurser
Creates without a solid foundationThe BulldozerThe AddictThe Day dreamerThe Fata MorganaThe WorkaholicThe PerfectionistThe Habitualist
Acts unwiselyThe DestroyerThe CollectorThe DoubterThe ScatterbrainThe SticklerThe ManiacThe Stiff-neck