Sebastian Nybo is the administrative director at the coreprofile institute (cpi). in addition, he is the founder of seb gruppen a/s and is the author of the twelve theories and models that make up the cornerstone of the SEB set of theories.

He is a recognized lecturer, instructor, debater and writer with an international network and worldwide experience. He breaks with conventional ways of thinking, and is both insightful and provocative. In recent years, Sebastian Nybo has specialized in the following subjects: organizational development, the psychology of evolution, holistic leadership development and self-leadership, which is a subject that he has written about in the book “Inner Leadership”. In addition, he has published the books “How to manage difficult people” and “Tracking the ethical person”.

Over the last twenty years, Sebastian Nybo has been a popular lecturer, and has spoken in front of more than 150,000 people in Denmark and abroad. He has accumulated a great deal of experience giving advice about managing change processes. He has left his mark on the development of a new method in the field of psychology, called change psychology, and his advice has ensured high performance in turn-around processes for a number of companies, including Novo, Lego and Danske Bank, among others.